What is StickyDrive?

Stickydrive is an exciting new software program which is installed on any flash memory product turning it into an advertising powerhouse. It is completely customizable and provides increased value compared to normal flash drives. Because of these added features, Sticky keeps customers coming back time and time again to see your advertising messages while at the same time keeping them current on your products and services.

What can it do?

  • Stickydrive promotes your company brand, logo, video, custom message or links to your web site each time it us used
  • Information on the Stickydrive - videos, animation, data files originally loaded on the drive, web links, or a specialized welcome screen can be changed at any time. Even though the drives have already been handed out your changes will be updated the next time the drive is plugged into an internet connected computer
  • Stickydrive can be installed on any flash memory product. It's cool new features only take up about 5MB so now, more than ever, the flash drive makes a perfect promotional gift. (Not including customer supplied data)
  • The pre-set folders in Stickydrive are smart and automatically store your music, document and photo files into the appropriate folder. Stickydrive also includes a music player and photo viewer so you can listen to your music and view your photos from any computer
  • Stickydrive always shows you how many megabytes you have left to use and gives you a file search option so you can quickly find the files you need on the drive
  • Stickydrive can provide usage reports so you can see a true return on your investment. If you want to know how many drives have been plugged in, we can tell you

Basic Package

The Stickydrive basic package includes the branding and program features described below. Please note that pricing for Stickydrive software is in addition to the cost of the flash memory product. The Stickydrive program requires 5MB of memory.

Branding Features

  • Loading Skin
    Customized loading page during program initiation
  • Top Skin
    Static logo, color scheme, and "about us" message
  • Welcome Skin
    Static design matching color scheme of top skin
  • Web Links
    Up to 3 links to web sites on welcome skin

Program Features

  • File and content sorting
  • File search tool
  • Flash drive available capacity indicator
  • Document, Music, Photo file filter windows
  • Embedded applications (music player, photo viewer

Premium Package

The Stickydrive Premium package includes all the features of the basic Stickydrive Program, plus additional features described below. Note that any or all of these features are included as part of the premium license package price.

Branding Features

  • Links
    Up to 25 links to websites and or files loaded on flash drive
    (Note: Additional links and or files can be added for an additional fee)
  • Videos(s)
    Up to 3 videos included on flash drive or streamed via internet
    (Note: Additional videos can be added for an additional fee)
  • Animation
    Within bottom skin such as scrolling ads, text or graphics
  • Drop-down's
    Cleaner design with drop-down buttons for many links

Program Features

  • File and content sorting
  • File search tool
  • Flash drive available capacity indicator
  • Document, Music, Photo file filter windows
  • Embedded applications (music player, photo viewer


Updating content or design

Stickydrive unique ability to update itself enables you to provide fresh content and information to your customers. You can update files in the drive, videos, text or images on the skin, virtually anything besides the data the user personally add to the drive. This is a very powerful feature of Sticky and puts you in the driver seat. You can control what you want your customers to see and hear anytime you want. These Stickydrive Services support the changing needs of your company. These services are provided on a per-job basis. Every job is a little different so once we understand your goals we can suggest the best possible solutions. Note that the prices below are a guide. Your particular needs may require more work than normal. Please speak with us prior to quoting a job so we can get you firm prices.

It's also important to note that these are a per piece fee. Please allow 3 to 4 days if possible for updates to take place once ordered. We have the ability to perform updates faster if needed.

Standard Reporting Includes the Following

  • Average Frequency

This is a report of the average use per active user of the device. Example: "During the month of April, the average user plugged in the device five times per week".

  • Days of week usage

This is a report of which days of the week the Stickydrive is most used. Example: "50% of users are plugging in on Mondays. Less then 5% of users are plugging in on weekends."

  • Hours of day

This is a report showing what time of day users plug in their device. Example: "The average person is using their Stickydrive between 9am and 2pm (PT)."

  • Report compilation

Using the standard reporting, customers can compile the data for informative insight to the use of Stickydrive and the amount of brand impression time they are receiving. Example: "The average user of the Stickydrive's are plugging in the device 5 times per week. The majority of users plug it in on Monday between 9am and 2pm, and have it plugged on average for 11.2 minutes."

Custom Reporting for Premium Version
Special reporting elements can be programmed into Stickydrive to show what users are viewing or doing with the flash drive. Tracking these elements requires special programming each time to monitor and track device usage. Special reporting is only available in Stickydrive premium version, and will be an extra cost for each license and is best implemented at the time of the original order design. Please call to confirm pricing before placing order.

  • Content use report

This is a report of how many times a particular piece of content is opened or launched. Content could be a video, PDF document, or power point contained within the flash drive. Example: "The Ameribank Stickydrive contained three videos. The first video was on home equity loans, the second on their premier client program, and the third on teaching your kids how to save. The average user has played the home equity video 2.2 times. The average user has played the premier client program video .7 times. The average user has played the teaching your kids how to save video 4.6 times."

  • Web click-through report

This report measures the average times a particular link on the Stickydrive interface is clicked that in turn navigates the user to a particular web site. Example: "BlueSky Airlines places a link to a DisneyLand vacation package. Stickydrive reports that the average user has clicked the link to view this package .6 times."

  • Advertising impression report

This report measures the average number of time particular advertisements on the Stickydrive interface are viewed per user. Example: "Nascar Racing Association distributed Stickydrive to thousands of people at a recent race. This version of Stickydrive contained advertising for 16 different sponsors through a rotating panel of four advertisements displayed each 30 seconds. The average user viewed all 16 advertisements 2.4 times each use."

  • Data submission report

This report collects the transaction of customer submitting data into the Stickydrive such as providing their address, zip code, customer code, or frequent flyer number. Example: "During the month of April, 2,200 customers submitted their frequent flyer number into the interface as part of the 5,000 mile bonus promotion."

  • Custom Design Programming

Because of the dynamic capabilities of the Stickydrive technology, many customers desire custom programming for functionality not offered in the basic or premium package. Stickydrive Services are available to meet your needs. Services are provided on a per-job basis. If your use of Stickydrive goes beyond a standard job extra charges may apply. Again, these prices are simply a guide. Your particular needs may require more or less work which will affect the final price. Please call us to get a quote before ordering.