Top Skin

The top skin provides access to the features of Stickydrive. Standard items include a music player, photo viewer and document folder. Also residing in the top skin is the memory indicator, search feature and home, add files, see folders and tools buttons. These features have to reside in the top skin but can be placed in any location. Font style and color can be changed to match corporate identity.

Stickydrive Top Skin

Bottom Skin (Welcome Screen)

The welcome screen provides a place for the sponsor to advertise any message they want. By placing animations, images, movies and even links to your web site Stickydrive turns flash drives into a portable marketing powerhouse. When thinking of ideas for the welcome screen just remember anything that can be viewed on the internet can also be viewed inside of Stickydrive. Possibilities are virtually endless.

Music Skin

When the user clicks the music button the welcome screen will change to the music control section. In this area you can view and manage music files. Stickydrive can also be used as your music player in place of Windows Media Player. The user can play, pause, skip forward or skip back. The music player also gives you the option to play music in shuffle mode. Built in volume control. Click the "send this to desktop" button and move your music file(s) to a different media or just play it on your PC.

Photos Skin

When the photos button is clicked the welcome screen will change to the photos control section. Here you can manage files, folders and even view your photos in the built in slideshow function. Change to "thumbnail" view and the user will be able to pre-view their images as a thumbnail. Click the "send this to desktop" button and move your images to different media or just view them from your PC software.

Docs Skin

When the docs button is pressed the welcome screen will change to the docs control section. Here the user can manage files, folders and even open documents from within this section. Documents will be opened in the respective software program for that file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). Press the "send this to desktop" button and the file(s) will be moved to the PC.

Add Files Skin

When the add files button in the top skin is pressed the top skin will change to this "drop files on target" screen. The user can use this to drag and drop as many files from their PC as they want and Stickydrive will place each file in it's respective section. For example if you drag 5 mp3's, 3 jpg's, 2 doc's and 6 xls's. Stickydrive will place the mp3 files in the music section, the jpg's in the photo's section, the Word Docs and the Excel Docs will be placed in the document section. All of this will take place automatically in one drag and drop motion.

Tools Skin

When the user clicks the tools button in the top skin the "tools" section will open in the top skin. From here the user can refresh Stickydrive, open and empty the trash or even find instruction if they need help on how to use Stickydrive.

See folders

If the user prefers they have the option to view the file structure of Stickydrive in a traditional Windows window. Click the "see folders" button and a new window will open over the Stickydrive showing the file structure. The user can still view, manage and even work with file's and folders from this view.