SmartDrive™ Branding

Our flash drives now come standard with branding on the inside that is incorporated into the design of the user interface. When users plug-in and use one of our SmartDrives and launch the user interface they will be exposed to the same branding printed on the outside of the drive. Flash drives from MMI can also be programmed to drive traffic back to your website by making the logo on the user interface clickable.

Providing a useful tool to the user that helps manage and store digital files on the drive will help ensure that your flash drive gets used more often and becomes the mobile flash drive of choice for your users. This functionality adds more brand exposure to your customer. This and the fact that they will have the most up-to-date content increases the value of the campaign with no additional cost.

If you're not sure how the recipients of your drives will accept being presented with a user-interface, don't worry. Our flash drives actually give the user the option to turn the user interface off. If users feel more comfortable not using the interface they can still store and manage files on the drive just like a flash drive from any other supplier or retailer and you will still have the ability to update your digital files on the drive and view the usage reports.

Don't Need Branding? Not A Problem

If brand exposure on the inside of your flash drives is not important we also offer a version of our flash drives that will still give you the ability to update digital content automatically and still see reporting on the usage without the user interface being a factor. If you prefer not to provide a user interface then the user experience is the same as if the drive was from any other supplier with the exception of the added ability to update content and view usage reports.