StickyDrive™ - More Value For Your Promotional Dollar!

Three reasons your customer will love StickyDrive:

  1. StickyDrive promotes your custom brand, logo, and message each time it's used.
  2. Users can view demo commercials or presentations at any time straight from the USB.
  3. StickyDrive links to any website of your choosing with just a click of the mouse.

MMI's Digital Product Catalog - Go GREEN With Us!

Benefits of using our digital catalog over competitors printed catalog:

  1. Information stays up to date throughout the entire year.
  2. Browse our products offline when you find yourself with no internet connection.
  3. Search for products within the flip catalog on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  4. Download, print, or share a page, pages, or entire catalog with customers.

Ask us about white labeling our entire digital catalog just for you. Cost to you is FREE!

Flash Pricing PDF - Updated Weekly

Four reasons you will want to receive our flash pricing every week:

  1. Delivered straight to your inbox every week showcasing over 100 different styles.
  2. Pricing provided for both in-house and most overseas flash drive styles,
  3. Two PDFs delivered to you - one shows retail pricing, and the other shows net pricing.
  4. Download for offline use or view directly on your computer, tablet, or phone